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How can I find out-of-print USGS publications?

Out-of-print USGS publications and maps, depending on series and date, can be obtained in various ways:

  • Check the USGS Publications Warehouse for online availability. If the publication is listed but does not have a link to a digital version, contact the Publications Warehouse Team to request a digital copy.
  • Borrow from your local public, academic, or corporate library through a request for interlibrary loan.
  • Purchase through used book and map dealers.

Locating out-of-print publications:

  • The U.S. Geological Survey Libraries contain sets of all USGS publications and many state geological survey publications. You may go to a USGS library, or request the local library to borrow the publication from the USGS.
  • Out-of-print publications also may be found at the state geological surveys, and at larger state and university libraries. Some have interlibrary loan capabilities, but publications can at least be read or copied on-site.
  • Federal and state government publications also are made available to the public at Depository Libraries across the country.