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Is there a list of mountain peak elevations in the United States?

The USGS does not have specific data for current mountain peak elevations other than what was previously published in an Elevations and Distances in the United States booklet. To determine an approximate elevation at a specific point, use the spot elevation tool query in The National Map Viewer or use the The National Map Elevation Point Query Service. Elevations derived using these methods are approximate because they are interpolated from terrain elevations sampled on a grid and might not reflect the highest elevation of a peak.

You can also use the Geographic Names Information System query form for mountain peak elevations based on a feature class of "Summit". The form is available by clicking “Search Domestic Names” on the GNIS website. Be aware that the description in the results might contain the true surveyed summit elevation, so interpolated elevation values obtained through other means might differ.  

Historical USGS topographic maps (published before 2009) will show a surveyed elevation on a summit if one exists.

For the most accurate surveyed elevations of mountain peaks, please reference the National Geodetic Survey datasheets.

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