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Why did I receive an error when downloading data from The National Map?

An error that times out the Web browser can sometimes occur after clicking on a download link. You might be able to open the archive (.zip) file by refreshing your screen. In the case of an incomplete download, first clear your browser history to avoid the cache interfering with subsequent future attempts. Then use Ctrl+F5 keys to refresh the cache with new content before retrying the download link.

Antivirus or network security software (such as a firewall or proxy server) can also block download access, which is beyond USGS control. You might need to temporarily turn off network security software to determine if that is the problem. If a firewall or proxy server blocks file access, notify your IT support to add the  FTP Server or Amazon's Cloud browse site as exceptions. Finally, use a Web browser instead of Windows Explorer to download your archive (.zip) file. External clients should use Web-driven browsers to avoid having to log in with a username and password.

For additional assistance, please contact The National Map Service Desk at

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