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Hiring Freeze Guidance Memorandum

In Reply Refer To:
Mail Stop 601A

May 13, 2015


To:        Executive Leadership Team
             Cost Center Chiefs

From:    Mark Sogge (Signed)
              Acting Deputy Director

Subject: Hiring Waiver Process Updates

The Department of the Interior’s (DOI) 2013 hiring freeze, which allows for a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) managed waiver process, is still in effect. This memorandum provides an update to the hiring waiver process. Effective with this memorandum, modifications to the process for requesting an exemption to the hiring freeze are as follows:

  • Review by the Office of Budget, Planning and Integration is no longer necessary.
  • Waivers for conversion actions are no longer required when a long-term plan for the position is included in the original request.
  • The electronic Hiring Waiver Request Form has been modified so requests for Information Technology (IT) positions and the reemployment of retirees under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) can now be electronically routed.
  • All waivers will now be created at Webforms

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) members will continue to approve e-waiver requests except for the following actions that require Director or Deputy Director approval:

  1. hiring of direct reports to an ELT member;
  2. permanent IT positions or related series;
  3. reemployment of civilian retirees under the NDAA authority

Attached is an updated list of the types of personnel actions that are permitted during the hiring freeze and the types of actions that must have an approved waiver. Additional guidance regarding the hiring freeze is posted at

Questions concerning this guidance should be directed to your servicing Human Resources Office.

Attachment: 2015 Actions Permitted/Not Permitted During the DOI Hiring Freeze


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