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Leadership Program Evaluation

Welcome to Leadership Program Evaluation!

Here you can learn about...

  • The History of the Evaluation Program (Who evaluates the Leadership Program?)
  • The Methodology of the Evaluation (How is leadership evaluated?)
  • Evaluation Findings
    • Reaction: what do participants feel about the course?
    • Learning: what do participants gain?
    • Application: what do participants use?
    • Impact: what do co-workers experience?
    • Culture: is change happening?
  • Future Recommendations
    • What next?
    • Suggestions: do you have ideas for future improvements of the Leadership Program?
  • Actions Taken (What have we done based on what we heard?)
  • Learning to lead: evaluating leadership and organizational learning LODJ Article 2010 (PDF)
  • Building a Leadership Culture at the U.S. Geological Survey—Recipe for Change (PDF)


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