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Leadership Program Evaluation—History

Brief History of Walden Consulting (LLC)

Since 1999, Walden Consulting has led the evaluation of the Leadership Program. Through careful analysis of survey-based data and course evaluations, we have established a pattern of improvements in participants’ leadership capabilities. The surveys document continued overwhelming support of the courses by those who have gone through them.

Our investigation includes the development of and design of:

Learning model
  • Pre-course self-evaluation questionnaires
  • Pre-course 360 questionnaires (evaluation of participant by supervisors, peers, and employees)
  • Post-course self-evaluation questionnaires
  • Post-course 360 questionnaires
  • Periodic control group questionnaires (USGS employees who have not experienced a Leadership Program Course)
  • Periodic follow-up questionnaires
  • Learning model as basis of analysis

Additional Efforts:

  • Management of Leadership Program database to track participants across program
  • Analyses to provide sophisticated feedback on participants experience and program impact
  • Recommendations for ways to support participants based on data
  • Publication of findings in training and development literature


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