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Learning Moments

Learning Moments

In order to provide continuous learning opportunities, we will be offering Learning Moments which are open to all USGS employees. Each moment focuses on a particular topic pertinent to leadership development, supervisory skills, mentor partnerships, human resources, and/or the USGS in general.

Each Learning Moment, a subject matter expert is invited to teach and share on a specific topic. Participants are encouraged to question, comment, and contribute during the moment. Learning Moments are aimed at addressing the issues and questions that are relevant to you on the job and beyond.

A Learning Moment is a 1 hour Webex and is always offered at the same time no matter what day they are held. This helps to ensure that individuals are able to attend from all across the country, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii. 

For information on becoming a subject matter expert instructor or any questions contact Nancy Gregory at 303-445-4668 or


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