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Measurable Performance Verbs for Writing Objectives

Do not use the following verbs in your objectives: Know, Comprehend, Understand, Appreciate, Familiarize, Study, Be Aware, Become Acquainted with, Gain Knowledge of, Cover, Learn, Realize. These are not measurable!

Knowledge Verbs

Count, Define, Draw, Identify, Indicate, List, Name, Point, Quote, recognize, Recall, Recite, Read, Record, Repeat, State, Tabulate, Trace, Write

Comprehension Verbs

Associate, Compare, Compute, Contrast, Describe, Differentiate, Discuss, Distinguish, Estimate, Interpret, Interpolate, Predict, Translate

Application Verbs

Apply, Calculate, Classify, Complete, Demonstrate, Employ, Examine, Illustrate, Practice, Relate, Solve, Use, Utilize

Analysis Verbs

Order, Group, Translate, Transform, Analyze, Detect, Explain, Infer, Separate, Summarize, Construct

Synthesis Verbs

Arrange, Combine, Construct, Create, Design, Develop, Formulate, Generalize, Integrate, Organize, Plan, Prepare, Prescribe, Produce, Propose, Specify

Evaluation Verbs

Appraise, Assess, Critique, Determine, Evaluate, Grade, Judge, Measure, Rank, Rate, Select, Test, Recommend


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