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USGS Workforce Demographics, Measures, and Metrics


USGS Workforce Profile Data Tables

  • Repository for USGS Demographics, Measures, and Metrics from FY 1999 onwards.
  • Comprehensive source of standard workforce data at bureau and sub bureau levels, and for breakouts of data for leadership and individual occupational series and series groups. Updated annually.


USGS Workforce Planning Data Guide

The Data Guide provides information on the USGS standard workforce data elements – what they are, and how to use them. See the “Glossary of Terms” and the “Measures and Metrics” sections for specific information on the data, data codes, and formulas used to compute metrics.

The USGS Human Resources Office researched a wide variety of generally accepted human capital metrics, and established standardized definitions and formulas with clear terminology in order to eliminate confusion in understanding, producing, and using USGS Workforce Demographics, Metrics, and Measures. Using these standards allows the USGS to concentrate on the most useful demographics, measures, and metrics, and ensures that the data is pulled and results calculated in the same way. As a result, USGS standard demographics, measures, and metrics are comparable across the USGS and across time, regardless of the organizational level.


List of USGS Standard Workforce Data Elements, Definitions, and Usage

  • Lists standard data elements, their definitions, usages, and associated formulas To view visit the USGS Internal site
  • List of USGS Standard Workforce Data Elements for Center and Office level Workforce Plans ONLY To view visit the USGS Internal site


How do I produce data for my own organization?

The Interior Business Center (IBC) in the Department of the Interior manages the FPPS (Federal Payroll and Personnel System) Datamart, the repository for USGS data. For information on getting access to the Datamart, go to and see the information under “Datamart Forms”. You must have approved FPPS and Datamart access before accessing the data in the Datamart.

As of November 1, 2017, the Department of the Interior has moved to a new data mining tool called OBIEE for use with the Datamart. Hyperion is no longer accessible, and Hyperion queries no longer function.

For information on how to obtain access to the OBIEE data mining tool and required training, go to:


Additional Data available

Additional Federal Human Resources data is available from the Office of Personnel Management’s FedScope tool at FedScope access is available to anyone, and provides comparable data across Federal agencies, including the Department of the Interior, down to bureau (USGS) level.

Data types available include location, age, education level, gender, pay plans, grade, length of service, occupations and series, STEM and health occupations, supervisory status, type of appointment (Permanent or other), and work schedule. Employment data is available by quarter back to FY 2010, and by FY back to 1998. Diversity data is available by quarter back to FY 2010, and by FY back to 2006. Accessions, and Separations trends data is available back to FY 2005, and employment trends data is available for the latest 5 fiscal years, or the latest 5 quarters.


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