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Pennsylvania Water Science Center Key Officials and Organization

Our organization aligns around the core functions needed to provide water-resources science, information, and data for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its citizens.

Organization and Key Officials

Title Name

Office of the Director

Center Director Melinda Chapman
Administrative Officer Colleen Ceric
Information Technology Lead Greg Wehner

Hydrologic Studies

Deputy Director & Chief, Hydrologic Studies Jeff Chaplin
         Hydrologic Studies Units
New Cumberland Hydrologic Studies Chief Tammy Zimmerman
Downingtown Office Chief Andrew Reif
Bridgeville Hydrologic Studies Chief Daniel Deeds
Williamsport Hydrologic Studies, Acting Chief Jeff Chaplin

Hydrologic Networks

Chief, Hydrologic Networks Tom Ruby
Water Quality Specialist Joe Duris
Surface Water Specialist Marla Stuckey
Groundwater Specialist Brandon Fleming
Database Management Specialist Elizabeth Hittle
         Hydrologic Networks Units
Field Innovation Unit, Acting Lead Marla Stuckey
New Cumberland Surface Water / Groundwater Chief Mark R Beaver
New Cumberland Water Quality, Acting Chief Tom Ruby
Bridgeville Office Chief Jamie McCoy
Williamsport Office Chief Clinton Hittle
Downingtown Hydrologic Networks, Acting Chief Andrew Reif