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Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center laboratories.

    • Gas Hydrates Project Physical Properties Laboratory

      An important aspect of gas hydrate studies is understanding the properties of the reservoirs that host hydrate deposits. The USGS Gas Hydrates Project analyzes the sediments that make up gas hydrate reservoirs in the Physical Properties Laboratory. 

    • Gas Hydrates Project Biogeochemistry Laboratory

      The Gas Hydrates Biogeochemistry Laboratory includes all instrumentation used by the USGS Gas Hydrates Project on site at the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center. This instrumentation is physically distributed among several laboratory spaces.

    • WHCMSC Sediment Laboratory

      The Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center (WHCMSC) Sediment Analysis Laboratory is a Center-wide resource that performs analyses relating to grain size, mineralogy, composition, and sedimentary character of samples collected by WHCMSC researchers and their partners using state of the art techniques and analytical equipment.

    • Samples Repository

      Since 2002, the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center’s Samples Repository (WHCMSC) has been supporting research by providing secure storage for geological, biological, and geochemical samples; maintaining organization and an active inventory of these sample collections; as well as by providing access to these collections for study and reuse.