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Find and connect with Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center's knowledgeable professionals in science, information technology, and administrative specialties. The center is part of the USGS Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program, which is the primary federal marine geology and physical science research program.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Geologist Kate Ackerman 508-457-2331
Geologist Seth Ackerman 508-457-2315
Research Oceanographer Rachel M. Allen, PhD 508-495-2341
Geographer Brian Andrews 508-457-2348
Oceanographer Alfredo Aretxabaleta , PhD 508-457-2204
Records Information Management Specialist Matthew Arsenault 774-349-1714
Geologist Wayne Baldwin 508-457-2226
Supervisory Marine Geologist Walter Barnhardt, PhD 508-457-2355
Geologist Marie Bartlett 508-457-2306
Information Technology System Administrator Luke M Bennett 508-457-2210
Marine Geophysical Specialist Emile Bergeron 508-457-2337
Information Technology Specialist Adam Bordieri 508-457-2295
Scientist Emeritus Michael H Bothner, PhD 508-457-2240
Physical Scientist Lee-Gray Boze 508-457-2266
Physical Scientist Thomas W Brooks 508-457-2359
Physical Scientist Sandra M Brosnahan 508-457-2265
Research Geologist Laura Brothers, PhD 508-457-2312
Physical Scientist Brian Buczkowski 508-457-2361
Scientist Emeritus Bradford Butman 508-457-2212
Physical Scientist Michael Casso 508-457-2338
Research Geologist Jason Chaytor, PhD 508-457-2351
Administrative Operations Assistant Colleen Clark 508-457-2298
Research Oceanographer Salme Cook, PhD 508-457-2357
Geographer Jennifer M Cramer 508-457-2314
Geologist VeeAnn Atnipp Cross 508-457-2251
Information Technology Specialist Troy Currence 508-457-2268
Geologist William W Danforth 508-457-2274
Technical Information Specialist Olivia A. De Meo 508-457-2356
Oceanographer Zafer Defne, PhD 508-457-2254
Supervisory Geologist Jane F Denny 508-457-2311
Research Physical Scientist Meagan J. Eagle , PhD 508-457-2280
Information Specialist Sara Ernst 508-457-2243
Oceanographer Amy S Farris 508-457-2344
Geophysicist Claudia Flores 508-457-2391
Geologist David S Foster 508-457-2271
Research Oceanographer Neil Kamal Ganju, PhD 508-457-2252
Postdoctoral Fellow Adrian V Garcia, PhD 508-457-2215
Geologist Ben Gutierrez, PhD 508-457-2289
Geographer Julia L Heslin 508-457-2230
Associate Program Coordinator for Science (Acting) Emily A Himmelstoss 508-548-8700
Research Geologist Deborah R Hutchinson, PhD 508-457-2263
Research Social Scientist Dawn Kotowicz, Ph.D.
Research Chemist Kevin D Kroeger, PhD 508-457-2270
Research Geologist Erika Lentz, PhD 508-457-2238
Supervisory Oceanographer Frances Lightsom 508-457-2242
Physical Scientist Adrian G Mann 508-457-2316
Electronics Technician Eric E Marsjanik 508-457-2216
Electronics Engineer Marinna Martini 508-548-8700
Records Clerk Linda P McCarthy 508-457-2319
Budget Analyst Racheal McLaughlin 508-457-2260
Research Geophysicist Nathaniel C Miller, PhD 508-457-2293
Physical Scientist Eric Moore 508-457-2310
Electronics Technician Alexander R Nichols 508-457-2275
Geographer/Geologist Sydney K Nick 508-457-2343
Chemist Jennifer O'Keefe-Suttles 508-457-2385
Geographer Jin-Si R Over 508-457-2269
Geologist Elizabeth Pendleton 508-457-2259
Research Geologist Stephen C Phillips, PhD 508-457-2240
Research Chemist John Pohlman, PhD 508-457-2213
Chief, USGS Gas Hydrates Project Carolyn Ruppel, PhD 508-457-2339
Distribution Facilities Specialist Christine Sabens 508-457-2317
Administrative Specialist Joanne Sedlock 508-457-2286
Research Oceanographer Christopher Sherwood, PhD 508-457-2269
Oceanographer Richard P Signell, Ph.D. 508-457-2229
Mechanical Engineer Steven E Suttles 508-457-2228
Research Geophysicist Uri ten Brink, PhD 508-457-2396
Center Director Rob Thieler, PhD 508-457-2211
Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center Page C Valentine, PhD 508-457-2239
Research Geophysicist William F Waite, PhD 508-457-2346
Oceanographer John Warner, PhD 508-457-2237
Oceanographer Kathryn M Weber 508-457-2351
Research Marine Geologist S. Jeffress Williams 508-457-2383
Physical Scientist Charles R Worley 508-457-2250
Geologist Zehao Xue 508-457-2244