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Diana E Pedraza

Geographer for the Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Her involvement and contributions to the Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center have ranged from developing a GIS groundwater contamination vulnerability model in ModelBuilder to creating raster datasets depicting interpolated hydrogeologic formation surfaces of top, thickness, and net sands for investigative projects such as the Webb County hydrogeology project and the geologic assessment of the Edwards aquifer in Northern Medina County. She has also assisted the local groundwater modeler with compiling, integrating, and generating GIS spatial hydrologic and geologic structural feature datasets needed for the regional groundwater model of the Edwards aquifer. Equally important among the investigative projects in the center, she has integrated acquired spatial hydrologic data for an ArcHydro Model of the U.S. and Mexico for the Internet Map Service for Environmental Health in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region. In addition, Diana continues to apply advance GIS techniques for processing data for HSPF modeling projects and hydrogeologic mapping efforts conducted from the local San Antonio South Texas Program office in the Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center.