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Emily H Majcher, PE

Emily Majcher is a Hydrologist at the USGS MD-DE-DC Water Science Center in Catonsville, MD.

Projects have included sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents, petroleum and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, chlorobenzenes, polychlorinated biphenyls, and metals. Ms. Majcher managed multiple projects at a U.S. Army CERCLA site, in which green sampling techniques were utilized. She has served as the project manager and co-principal investigator for several multi-year projects investigating dissolved, mixed organic contamination in wetland environments and the migration of contaminants into indoor air. She managed and directed projects identifying and characterizing contaminant breakthrough to surface water in tidal wetlands through areas of focused discharge, and designed and implemented novel bioremediation options at the pilot scale.

More recently, her private and public sector experience has been applied to coordination of several workshops and serving as the co-chairperson for the Actionable Science subgroup of the Urban Waters Partnership program in Baltimore, Maryland. Her and her colleagues are exploring factors of influence on long-term trends in water quality related to bacteria, nutrients, and chloride, addressing monitoring and remediation of PCBs in urban stormwater and sediment.

Emily has actively served as a mentor in formal and informal programs since 2001 and have a particular interest in promoting and encouraging women in science and engineering. Most recently, she served as a mentor for a Chesapeake Bay Trust Conservation Corps member, where USGS served as the host agency for one year.


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