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Michelle Sneed

Michelle Sneed is a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. She spent 25 years leading land subsidence research in the California Water Science Center and now serves as the Technical Support Coordinator for Groundwater Science in the Office of Quality Assurance. 

Michelle received her BS and MS degrees in geology from California State University, Sacramento, where she subsequently taught geology classes for 10 years. While at the California Water Science Center, she published many studies of land subsidence related to fluid-pressure changes in areas throughout California and other areas in the Western U.S., which often had a focus on subsidence impacts to water-conveyance infrastructure. She is a member of the UNESCO Land Subsidence International Initiative, the recognized leader in promoting global land subsidence studies. At the Office of Quality Assurance, she serves as a technical-knowledge and point-of-contact resource to USGS scientists for all aspects of groundwater science. Michelle helps maintain and foster the exceptional quality of data and science for which the USGS is known and respected by helping scientists understand and comply with USGS and DOI policies, processes, and procedures, and by identifying and communicating technical advancements and risks.