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Below is a list of available CRRL data releases.

Acoustic Telemetry Evaluation of Invasive Carp in Kaukauna, Wisconsin (Summer 2019)

This study deployed acoustic telemetry at the Fox River Navigational System Authority (FRNSA) in lock #2 and the upstream and downstream pools in Kaukauna, WI to document movements and behavior of telemetered fish species in response to injection of carbon dioxide. Telemetry equipment was setup in the test area for approximately 2 months during the summer of 2019. CSV metadata includes telemetry d

Distribution and stomach contents of fishes in the northern Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, 2020-2022

This data set includes count, location, and ancillary habitat data for fishes sampled in adjacent reaches of Georgiana Slough, Sacramento River, and Steamboat Slough in the northern Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It also includes data on the stomach contents of selected individual black basses (Micropterus). Fishes were sampled by boat electrofishing from approximately January-May, 2020-2022, plus

Information tables associated with a risk assessment for bull trout introduction into Sullivan Lake, northeastern, Washington including population donor sources and resident species

Introduction and translocation programs require thoughtful planning to increase the likelihood of success and to understand the benefits, risks, and constraints of such programs. A risk assessment was completed for bull trout introduction into the Sullivan Lake and Harvey Creek watershed, northeastern Washington. The risk assessment was designed to evaluate potential risks to resident fish species

Tidal flow dynamics at Sutter and Steamboat Sloughs in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, CA in 2014

The video shows a short animation of river flow dynamics (flow velocity vectors) over multiple tidal cycles.

Evaluating injury and mortality to larval lamprey collected out of sediment using a portable suction dredge

Dataset describes the findings of a combination of field and laboratory tests to see if larval lamprey were injured or killed after they were collected from their burrows in sediment using a portable suction dredge.

Data collected in 2010 to evaluate habitat availability for surf smelt and eelgrass in response to sea level rise on Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, Washington, USA

This dataset includes biological variables showing surf smelt spawning presence, geological variables describing beach composition, and sample locations using RTK-GPS. This field data was also used to run the Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM; Warren Pinnacle Consulting, Inc., Warren, Vt)) to predict the changes to beaches over time, and under different sea level rise scenarios. Field sampl

Maternal transfer of PCBs in Pacific sand lance in Puget Sound, Washington

Data included in this release are from Pacific sand lance and water, sediment and suspended particulate matter collected at two sites in Puget Sound, Washington, which were evaluated for PCB concentration. PCB congener data are stored in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Environmental Contaminant Data Management System (ECDMS), accessible through the Wildlife & Environmental Contaminants Mapper

Boat ramp locations within the Columbia River Basin with associated recreational use, water quality measurements, and risk assessment data for zebra and quagga mussels

Aquatic invasive species are often transported between water bodies on boats or boat trailers, thus they are considered one of the primary vectors for new introductions of invasive species to a water body. This data set contains geographic positioning system locational data for boater access points, use data (i.e. recreational, fishing), water quality measurements (e.g. calcium concentrations, pH)