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The CRRL is located in Cook, Washington, in the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland, Oregon.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Fish Biologist Scott L. Benson 509-758-3311
Fish Biologist Bradley Bickford 509-758-3311
Fish Biologist Summer Burdick 509-538-2991
Research Fish Biologist Emeritus Patrick Connolly, Ph.D. 509-538-2969
Fish Biologist Michael Dodrill 509-538-2912
Fish Biologist Brian Ekstrom 509-538-2965
Electronics Technician Scott Evans 509-538-2910
IT Specialist (Sysanalysis) Barbara Gee 509-538-2929
Research Statistician (Biology) Dalton Hance 509-538-2299
Electronics Technician Philip Haner 509-538-2937
Biological Science Technician Gabriel Hansen 509-538-2961
Fish Biologist Amy C Hansen 509-538-2911
Fish Biologist Jill Hardiman 509-538-2906
Research Biogeographer James Hatten 509-538-2932
Fish Biologist Tyson Hatton 509-538-2990
Fish Biologist Jake Kelley 509-538-2909
Supervisory Research Fish Biologist Tobias J Kock 509-538-2915
Research Fish Biologist Theresa "Marty" Liedtke 509-538-2963
Biological Science Technician Brad Liedtke 509-538-2974
Biological Science Technician Georgia Martin 509-538-2943
Research Physiologist Emeritus Alec Maule, Ph.D. 509-538-2929
Research Fish Biologist Russell Perry, Ph.D. 509-538-2942
Research Fish Biologist John Plumb, Ph.D. 509-538-2903
Research Statistician (Biology) Adam Pope 509-538-2916
IT (Systems Administration) Dennis Powers 971-438-6554
Biologist (Communications and Outreach Coordinator) Rachel Reagan 509-538-2914
Fish Biologist Tobyn Rhodes 509-758-3311
Fish Biologist Matthew Sholtis 509-538-2905
Fish Biologist Collin D. Smith 509-538-2919
Biological Science Technician Nicholas Swyers 509-538-2925
Research Fish Biologist Kenneth Tiffan 509-538-2972
Biological Science Technician Ryan Tomka 509-538-2902
Biological Science Technician Lisa Weiland 509-538-2946