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Message from Klamath Falls Field Station Leader

Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Klamath Falls Field Station (KFFS).

The Klamath Falls Field Station was strategically established in the Klamath River Basin in 1999 to fill information gaps related to the management and recovery of Lost River and shortnose suckers. We continue to provide rigorous and unbiased research to help inform managers about the effects of restoration actions and water use on imperiled fish. Our work now extends beyond the Klamath River Basin to include studies on fish in other arid ecosystems. Our priority always has been and will continue to be the providing accurate unbiased information.

The Klamath Basin and other arid landscapes across the west are embroiled in controversy over water allocation between aquatic environments and human use. Often management decisions are hindered by sparse available information. The rigorous scientific studies designed by the Klamath Falls Field Station staff are essential to solving difficult water allocation challenges.

Eric Janney, Deputy Center Director and KFFS Leader