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From the expansion of invasive species to wildfire, from drought to sea-level rise, changes in climate have created new and evolving challenges for our nation’s resource managers and communities. Our science helps managers of fish, wildlife, and ecosystems understand these impacts and strategically adapt to changing conditions. 

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Explore Projects & Data

The CASCs develop data and tools that address the informational needs of natural and cultural resource managers. Projects cover topics that address the impacts of climate change on fish, wildlife, ecosystems, & the communities they support.

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The Regional CASCs

Our network is comprised of the National CASC and eight regional CASCs, covering the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawai'i, and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands. Learn more about each CASC here.

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Date published: April 8, 2020

Study Synthesizes What Climate Change Means for Northwest Wildfires

A University of Washington study published in Fire Ecology paints a comprehensive picture of future wildfires in the Northwest. This review was done in response to a survey of stakeholder needs by the Northwest CASC. State, federal, and tribal resource managers need more information on the available science about fire and climate change.

Date published: April 1, 2020

Job Opportunity: NCASC "Evidence Synthesis Support: Ungulates & Climate Change" Position

The National CASC is seeking to hire a student or recent graduate from August-October 2020 to support a systematic review of the documented and projected impacts of climate change on ungulates in western North America.

Date published: March 30, 2020

A Small Forage Fish Should Command Greater Notice, Researchers Say

A team led by marine ecologist Michelle Staudinger at the Northeast CASC is bringing an increased focus to sand lance, a small forage fish, and their ecological role in the Gulf of Maine and northwest Atlantic Ocean. The region’s waters are facing increased pressure and risks from climate change, fishing, and offshore wind energy development.


Publication Thumbnail
Year Published: 2020

Climate change effects on biodiversity, ecosystems, ecosystem services, and natural resource management in the United States

Climate change is a pervasive and growing global threat to biodiversity and ecosystems. Here, we present the most up-to-date assessment of climate change impacts on biodiversity, ecosystems, and ecosystem services in the U.S. and implications for natural resource management. We draw from the 4th National Climate Assessment to summarize observed...

Weiskopf, Sarah R.; Rubenstein, Madeleine A.; Crozier, Lisa; Gaichas, Sarah; Griffis, Roger; Halofsky, Jessica E.; Hyde, Kimberly J. W.; Morelli, Toni Lyn; Morisette, Jeffrey T.; Muñoz, Roldan C.; Pershing, Andrew J.; Peterson, David L.; Poudel, Rajendra; Staudinger, Michelle D.; Sutton-Grier, Ariana E.; Thompson, Laura; Vose, James; Weltzin, Jake F.; Whyte, Kyle Powys

Publication Thumbnail
Year Published: 2020

Multiple conceptualizations of nature are key to inclusivity and legitimacy in global environmental governance

Despite increasing scientific understanding of the global environmental crisis, we struggle to adopt the policies and practices science suggests we should. One of the reasons for this is the general absence of inclusive engagement and dialogue among a wide range of actors with distinct interactions with nature. Furthermore, there is little...

Luca Coscieme; da Silva Hyldmo, Hakon; Fernández-Llamazares, Alvaro; Palomo, Ignacio; Mwampamba, Tuyeni H.; Selomane, Odirilwe; Sitas, Nadia; Jaureguiberry, Pedro; Takahashi, Yasuo; Lim, Michelle; Barral, Maria P.; Farinaci, Juliana S.; Diaz-Jose, Julio; Ghosh, Sonali; Ojino, Joyce; Alassaf, Amani; Baatuuwie, Bernard N.; Balint, Lenke; Basher, Zeenatul; Boeraeve, Fanny; Budiharta, Sugeng; Chen, R.; Desrousseaux, Maylis; Dowo, Gregory; Febria, Catherine M.; Ghazi, Houda; Harmackova, Zuzanna V. ; Jaffe, R.; Kalemba, Mphatso M.; Lambini, Cosmas K.; Lasmana, Felicia P.S.; Mohammed, Assem A. A.; Niamir, Aidin ; Pliscoff, Patricio; Sabyrbekov, Rahat; Sidorovich, Anna A.; Thompson, Laura; Shrestha, Uttam B.; Valle, Mireia

Publication Thumbnail
Year Published: 2020

Examining progress toward achieving the Ten Steps of the Rome Declaration on Responsible Inland Fisheries

Inland capture fisheries provide food for nearly a billion people and are important in the livelihoods of millions of households worldwide. Although there are limitations to evaluating many of the contributions made by inland capture fisheries, there is growing recognition by the international community that these services make critical...

Lynch, Abigail; Bartley, Devin M.; Beard, Douglas; Cowx, Ian. G.; Funge-Smith, Simon; Taylor, William W.; Cooke, Steve J.