EROS CalVal Center of Excellence (ECCOE)

JACIE 2008 Presentations


 Future of Remote Sensing Session



Greg Stensaas – USGS


Keynote Speaker: The Future of Land Imagery and US Global Earth Observation (no presentation available)

Dr. Gene Whitney – Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology Policy


Invited Speaker: An Evolving Business Model for Commercial Imagery: How Will GEOSS Help?

Douglas Muchoney – GEO / GEOSS – GEO Secretariat


Invited Speaker: Future of Remote Sensing and Land Imaging Surveys

Kass Green – ASPRS


Invited Speaker: Expanding the Use of Land Imaging for Agriculture Decision Making: The Gobal Agricultural Monitoring (GLAM) Partnership

Brad Doorn – USDA


Invited Speaker: The German Radar Mission TerraSAR-X

Dr. Stefan Buckreuss – DLR


Government Overview Session


USGS – Interior’s Role in Terrestrial Earth Observations

Barbara Ryan – Associate Director for Geography


NGA – Commercial Remote Sensing

Corena Alexander – Deputy Chief, Sensor Assimilation Division,ASX, Acting Branch Chief, Commercial Data Integration Branch, ASXC


USDA – Overview

Glenn Bethel – Remote Sensing Advisor


NASA – Overview

Dr. Stephen Ungar – NASA


NOAA – NOAA’s Use of High-Resolution Imagery

Eve Douglas – NOAA


Land Imaging Panel Discussion (no presentation available)







GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation for Direct Geopositioning of Digital Airborne Imagery

Thilanka Galappaththi – Applanix


High Altitude Tactical Mapping with Applanix DSS (Digital Sensor System)

Bruce Hogan – Applanix


DMC System – Features and Benefits

Dr. Mostafa  Madani – Intergraph


Feature Mapping and Decision Support with Digital and Analog Air-borne Data Mesh

Dmitry Varlyguin – GDA Corp


Commercial Airborne Initiatives, Commercial Data Integration Branch

Len LeFeir – Booz Allen Hamilton


UltraCamX  Large Format Digital Aerial Camera

Michael Gruber – VEXCEL, Microsoft Photogrammetry


National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP)

John Mootz – USDA  


Geospatial Data and the APFO: Past, Present, and Future

Zack Adkins – USDA  


Practical Experience With Image Metrics for Aerial Products

Craig Molander and Scott Merritt - Surdex Corporation


Validation of Visually Estimated Percent Impervious Surface from NAIP CIR Imagery

Dr. Eric Warner – Penn State University


Error Budget of LiDAR Systems and Quality Control of the Derived Point Cloud

Ayman Habib and Ki-In Bang – University of Calgary, AB, Canada





EROS B – Operational Experience, Second year of operation

Rani Hellerman – ImageSat International


The Absolute and Relative Geolocation Accuracies of QB02 and WV01

Dr. Byron Smiley – DigitalGlobe


Geometric Assessment of TopSat and BEIJING-1 Data

Gyanesh Chander – SAIC, contractor to the USGS EROS Center


GeoEye: Remote Sensing & Production Services

Gene Dial – GeoEye


Assessment of Automated Ground-based Vicarious Calibration Method using High-Resolution Commercial Sensors

Kurt Thome – University of Arizona


Evaluating the Accuracy and Characteristics of Commercial Image Data for Map Modernization and Maintenance Using Map Accuracy Tools

Dr. Charles G. O’Hara – SIS / MAT



No Host Dinner - Champps Fair Oaks







Invited Speaker: Moderate Resolution: A Focus on Global Transparency

Michael Hales – NGA


Invited Speaker: RADARSAT-1 Image Quality and Calibration Performance Maintained Beyond 12 Years of Operation

Satish Srivastava – Canadian Space Agency


Constellation Calibration for Commercial Application Support

Stephen Mackin – DMC International Imaging


Catalog of World-wide Test Sites for Sensor Characterization

Gyanesh Chander – SAIC, contractor to the USGS EROS Center


Invited Speaker: CBERS-2B – Radiometric and Geometric Quality Assessment

Julio Dalge – INPE


Invited Speakers: Status of CBERS-2B – Data Reception, Archiving, Processing, and Distribution

Julio Dalge and Antonio Machado – INPE


Indian Remote Sensing Satellites Current and Future Missions

Shawana Johnson – Global Marketing Insights Inc.


Access and Availability of Resourcesat-1 Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) Data for Agriculture

Robert Tetrault USDA FAS


Cropland classification accuracy as a function of AWiFS incidence angle

 David Johnson, David – USDA NASS


Assessing Post-fire Burn Condition Using Remotely-Sensed Commercial Imagery

Jess Clark – USDA FSA-RSAC


Research to Operational:  A Paradigm Shift for the Cropland Data Layer Program

Claire Boryan – USDA NASS


Developments in the Disaster Monitoring Constellation

Paul Stephens – DMC International Imaging Ltd


Inflight, Intersensor Radiometric Calibration of High- and Moderate-Resolution Sensors Using the Reflectance-Based Method

Kurt Thome – University of Arizona


Geometric and Radiometric Property of Large Size Digital Aerial Frame Cameras

Ricardo Passini and Karsten Jacobsen – BAE Systems


The contribution of the European Space Agency to the Commissioning Phase of the PRISM & AVNIR-2 Instruments Onboard ALOS (JAXA)

Sebastien Saunier – GAEL



Poster Presentations include:


DEIMOS 1 and DEIMOS Imaging, New Spacecraft, New Company

Alfonso Barreiro


AmericaView – A State-Based Remote Sensing Initiative Developing Remote Sensing Applications through Education, Training, Internships, and Pilot Projects

Rebecca Dodge


Application of Landsat 7 imagery and IMaG Automated Feature Extraction (AFE) to produce geoshapefiles of standard coverage (water, vegetation, built up areas).

Sigmund Hsu


On-Orbit Initialization of the WorldView-1 Optical Focal System using the ITT MTF Measurement Toolkit

Glenn Reese


Assessment of WorldView-1 Spatial Image Quality Using Edge Targets

Paul W. Scott


Monitoring Changes in Cropping Practices Using Optical and Radar Imagery

Jiali Shang