EROS CalVal Center of Excellence (ECCOE)

JACIE 2012 Presentations

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Welcome Greg Stensaas 11th Annual Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation Workshop
9:10 AM Keynote Dr. Waleed Abdalati Chief Scientist, NASA
Coinciding Videos
     – air_traffic Keynote
     – Jakobshavn
     – nasm_fleet03
     – TL798M4T5752000subset3
     – TL798M4T5752000subset4
10:00 AM Break
10:15 12:00 PM Government Sponsor Session: Moderator Greg Stensaas
10:15 AM NASA Lawrence Friedl Applied Sciences Program, NASA Headquarters
10:40 AM NOAA Mitch Goldberg Chief of the Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division
11:05 AM USDA Glenn Bethel Remote Sensing Advisor
11:30 AM USGS Frank Kelly Director, USGS EROS
12:00 PM Lunch (provided with registration) Set up posters
1:30- 3:00 PM Panel Discussion: “Precision Analysis Supporting Decision-Makers,” Moderators Thome and Stensaas
  Agency Representatives
3:00 PM Break
3:15- 5:00 PM SPOTLIGHT Session: 15 minute updates, Chair Kurt Thome
3:15 PM 12.014 Stephens, Paul DMCii New Sensors; update on developments in the DMC Constellation
3:30 PM 12.019 Fonseca, Dr. Leila M. G. and Liporace, Frederico INPE Brazilian EO Satellite Program Update
3:45 PM 12.020 Brunn, Andreas RapidEye AG Recent Calibration and Validation activities at RapidEye
4:00 PM 12.038 Mulawa, Dr. David GeoEye GeoEye Geolocation Assessment and Reporting Update for 2011
4:15 PM 12.012 Neumann, Klaus Intergraph Z/I Deutschland GmbH Update on high resolution aerial mapping cameras
4:30 PM 12.025 Thomassie, Brett DigitalGlobe Incorporated DigitalGlobe Incorporated Satellite and Aerial Program Update
4:45 PM Wrap Up Q&A, Closing Remarks, Greg Stensaas & Kurt Thome
5:00 -7:00 PM Poster Session/Reception
  Evening Activities as desired (on your own)

  Wednesday, April 18, 2012

8:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM Welcome Stensaas/Thome    
8:30-9:45 AM Session 1: Hi-Resolution, Chair Cal Hagan
8:30 AM 12.018 Léger, Dominique Onera – the French Aerospace Lab On-orbit MTF and defocus assessment methods applied to SPOT5 cameras
8:50 AM 12.002 Freedman, Ellis Serious Science, LLC A Constant MTF Resampler
9:10 AM 12.036 Griffith, Doug NGA General Image Quality Equation (GIQE)
9:30 AM 12.039 Podger, Dr. Nancy GeoEye Image Quality Performance of the GeoEye-1 High Resolution Imaging Satellite
9:45 AM Break
10:00-11:40 AM Session 2: Hi-Resolution, Chair Paul Bresnahan
10:00 AM 12.015 Mackin, Steve DMCii Radiometric Calibration of the high spatial resolution NigeriaSat-2 Satellite VHRI
10:20 AM 12.023 Hopwood, Drew Astrium GEO-Information Services Post Launch Commissioning and Testing of Pléiades 1
10:40 AM 12.040 Mattox, Preston GeoEye GeoEye-1 New Sensor Mode – 1×2 Multispectral Pixel Aggregation
11:00 AM 12.047 Schiller, Stephen Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems IN-Flight Performance Assessment Of Imaging Systems Using The Specular Array Radiometric Calibration (SPARC) Method
11:20 AM   Q&A  Sessions 1 & 2  
11:40 AM Keynote  Rebecca Moore Google Earth Engine: Petabyte-scale Processing Over Earth Observation Data for Societal Benefit
12:30 PM Lunch (provided with registration)
1:30-3:30 PM Session 3: Hi-Resolution, Chair Dave Case
1:30 PM 12.003 Snyder, Greg USGS Results of The National Enhanced Elevation Assessment
1:50 PM 12.035 Dellagnello, Marzio NGA NGA Multinational Geospatial Co-Production (MGCP) Program overview & Commercial Imagery
Commercial Imagery Overview, by Michael Franklin
2:10 PM 12.034 Bresnahan, Paul NGA Geolocation Accuracy Re-Evaluations of GeoEye-1 and QuickBird-2
2:30 PM 12.028 Broderson, Dayne Geographic Information Networks of Alaska Statewide Alaska Orthoimagery and Elevation Mapping Programs – Status and Results from Year 1
2:50 PM 12.016 Lee, Seungwoo Satrec Initiative Automated Measurement of SNR of High Resolution Satellite Images
3:10 PM   Q&A Session 3  
3:30 PM Break
3:45-5:00 PM Session 4: Hi-Resolution, Chair Jon Christopherson
3:45 PM 12.031 Ryan, Robert Innovative Imaging and Research Corp. Extending the Operational Envelope of Electro-optical Imaging Systems to Include Pre-sunrise and Post-sunset Operation
4:05 PM 12.000 Wagner, Ruedi, presented by Neumann, Klaus Geospatial Solutions Division The Leica RCD30 medium format camera – A new approach to camera calibration
4:25 PM 12.001 Passini, Dr. Ricardo  Bae Systems GP Accuracy and Radiometric Study on Latest Generation Large Format Digital Fram Cameras Coinciding paper to above presentation by Dr. Ricardo Passini
4:45 PM Wrap up Q&A/Recap Sessions 3 & 4, Closing Remarks  
5:00 PM Close
6:00 PM No Host Dinner (on your own) at the traditional “Champps.”

Thursday, April 19, 2012

8:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM Welcome Jon Christopherson  
8:35-10:15 AM Session 5: Active Sensors, Chair Jon Christopherson
8:35 AM 12.024 Howard, Brant CompassData, Inc. Remotely Sensed Ground Control Points
8:55 AM 12.045 Tighe, M. Lorraine Intermap Technologies Seamless Fusion of Lidar, Radar and Optical Terrain Data
9:15 AM 12.044 Tighe, M. Lorraine Intermap Technologies Comparison of X-Band Airborne and Spaceborne Imagery
9:35 AM 12.049 Robinson, Dirk Skybox Imaging, Inc. An introduction to the Skybox Earth-observation imaging platform
9:55 AM   Q&A/Re-cap  Session 5    
10:15 AM Break
10:30-12:15 PM Session 6:  Medium-Resolution, Chair Mike Benson
10:30 AM 12.027 Guenther, Bruce NASA GSFC Status of NPP VIIRS On-orbit Calibration and Performance
10:50 AM 12.048 Chander, Gyanesh RST EROS Applications of Spectral Band Adjustment Factors (SBAF) for Cross-calibration
11:10 AM 12.030 Pagnutti, Mary Innovative Imaging and Research Corp. Landsat Data Continuity Mission and Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Instrument Image Product Simulations for Sensor Comparisons and Data Fusion Research
11:30 AM 12.046 Dykstra, Jon MDA Information Systems, Inc A Comparison of Landsat and RapidEye Imagery for Use in Correlated Land Change (CLC) Analysis
11:50 AM   Q&A Session 6  
12:15 PM Lunch (provided with registration)Take posters down
1:45-3:25 PM Session 7:  Medium-Resolution, Chair Curt Reynolds
1:45 PM 12.013 Brindle, Laura DMCii Radiometric Calibration of the 22m GSD Nigeriasat-X satellite sensor using combined cross-calibration results over Dome-C and Libya 4
2:05 PM 12.041 Helder, Dennis SDSU Absolute Calibration of Optical Sensors Using Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites – Initial Concepts
2:25 PM 12.011 Adams, Victoria, presented by Emily Pindilli Booz Allen Hamilton Improving the Way the Government Does Business: The Value of Landsat Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery in Improving Decision-Making
2:45 PM 12.037 Serbin, Guy InuTeq LLC Optical and Thermal Requirements for Agricultural and Environmental Remote Sensing
3:05 PM   Q&A Session 7  
3:25 PM  Break
3:40-5:20 PM Session 8:  Medium-Resolution, Chair Dave Kohlbrenner
3:40 PM 12.021 Zakzeski, Audra NASS/USDA Improving Agricultural Landcover Classification in the Cropland Data Layer Using the Disaster Monitoring Constellation
4:00 PM 12.022 Hopwood, Drew Astrium GEO-Information Services Using Deimos-1 & UK-DMC2 to Monitor U.S. Crop Conditions During the 2011 Crop Season
4:20 PM 12.032 Pirondini, Fabrizio DEIMOS Imaging S.L.U. Data Quality of Deimos-1 & UK-DMC2 Imagery for the Monitoring of 2011 US Crop Season
4:40 PM 12.005 Sampath, Ajit RST EROS Assessment of UK-DMC-2, RE, SPOT-5, and RS-2 accuracy
5:00 PM   Q&A/Recap Sessions 7&8  
5:20 PM Discussion and Conference wrap-up – Greg Stensaas…Drawings, must be present to win!
5:30 PM Close. Thanks for attending JACIE 2012