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Dec 23, 2019 – Recent Landsat 7 Data Recorder Anomaly

The Solid State Recorder (SSR), a component of Landsat 7’s Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) sensor, experienced a “choke anomaly” early December 17, 2019 (DOY 351).

Map displaying Landsat 7 scenes not acquired Dec 17, 2019

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This interruption to the satellite’s planned acquisitions lasted just over 6 hours. There were 107 images lost due to the anomaly.  In addition, 58 image opportunities were lost while the onboard command load was halted in order to recover from the anomaly.

The following scenes were not acquired; they are displayed on the map (click to enlarge).

Dec 17, 2019
Path 169 Rows 26-83 
Path 185 Rows 38-63 
Path 201 Rows 34-56
Path 217 Rows 62-76
Path 233 Rows 53-95

Please contact USGS Customer Services with any questions relating to the missing acquisitions.