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February 4, 2020 – Landsat Science Team Meeting in Arizona

The 2018-2023 Landsat Science Team is convening for their Winter meeting Tuesday, February 4 through Thursday, February 6 at the Arizona State Office, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The meeting objectives include:

  1. Updates on Landsat 7’s orbit change, Landsat 9 development, and global Analysis Ready Data (ARD) activities.
  2. Receive a Sustainable Land Imaging Technology (SLI-T) briefing and discuss future Landsat mission priorities.
  3. Review the status Landsat Collection 2 processing, Landsat’s commercial cloud architecture, and Landsat data products and access.

Follow the @USGSLandsat Twitter account and #LandsatSci for information on the topics that will be discussed and shared at the meeting. The full agenda and presentations will be posted to the Landsat Science Team Meetings web page by mid-March.

Landsat 8 image of Phoenix, Arizona
Landsat 8 image of Phoenix, Arizona, acquired on January 13, 2020 (Path 37 Row 36).

Landsat Science Teams consist of USGS and NASA scientists and engineers, external scientists, engineers, and application specialists, representing industry and university research initiatives. Members contribute technical and scientific input to ensure success and provide science support on issues including data acquisition, product access and format, and science and applications opportunities.