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January 21, 2015 - Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared (TIRS) data are still being collected but product generation remains suspended.

The Flight Operations Team and subject matter experts have conducted numerous tests in an effort to determine the cause of the current anomaly associated with the TIRS scan select mirror (SSM) encoder.

As investigations and testing continue, several options for returning to normal operations are under consideration. These include:

A) Resume operating with the A-side electronic using a modified operations concept

B) Switch to the B-side electronics and resume the standard operations concept

C) Resume standard operations using the B-side electronics with the understanding that if the current anomaly is detected on the B-side that a return to the A-side is done to fully implement an alternative operations concept

There is a goal to return to normal imaging early in the 2015 northern hemisphere growing season. However, the specific timing for the return to normal imaging is still being evaluated.

Plans are also being developed to process the TIRS imagery acquired since mid-December. More information will posted on a weekly basis.