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Landsat Science Team Meeting - August 16-18, 2011

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
August 16-18, 2011


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Landsat Science Team - August 2011

Tuesday, August 16

  • Summary of Landsat Science Team Contributions and Impact (Tom Loveland, USGS)
  • Operational Land Remote Sensing Status (Bruce Quirk, USGS)
  • Landsat Project Status (Kristi Kline, USGS)
  • LDCM Project Status (Phil Sabelhaus, NASA)
  • LDCM Ground System Update (Jim Nelson, USGS)
  • Landsat’s Long-Term Acquisition Plan (Gene Fosnight, USGS)
  • Global Land Survey Update (Jeff Masek, NASA)


Wednesday, August 17

  • A Land Surface Temperature Product (John Schott, Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Landsat Science Products Status Report: Surface Reflectance (Eric Vermote, University of Maryland)
  • Keeping a Sharp Lookout: Landsat Monitoring of Earth’s Ice (Bob Bindschadler, NASA)
  • Land/Water-Sat: Landsat’s New Potential to Monitor Case 2 Waters (John Schott, Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Vegetation: Knowledge Gain and Knowledge Gap after 40 Years of Research (Prasad Thenkabail, USGS)
  • Landsat Calibration: Interpolation, Extrapolation, and Reflection (Dennis Helder, South Dakota State University)
  • A Surface Reflectance Product for Landsat/LDCM: Summary of Activities, Future Work, and Implications for Similar Class Sensors (Eric Vermote, University of Maryland)
  • Web-enabled Landsat Data (WELD): Project Status and Some Lessons Learned from Bulk Landsat Science Data Processing (David Roy, South Dakota State University)
  • Developing Consistent Time Series Landsat Data Products (Feng Gao, USDA)
  • Role of Clouds in Moderate Resolution Land Observations: Western U.S. Results (Sam Goward, University of Maryland)
  • An Overview of Cloud Masking and other Research for Landsat and LDCM (Lazaros Oreopoulos, NASA)Developing Biophysical Products for Landsat (Jennifer Dungan, NASA)


Thursday, August 18

  • Daily ET at Landsat Scales using Multi-sensor Data Fusion (Martha Anderson, USDA)
  • Operational Evapotranspiration from Landsat-based Energy Balance: Evolution, Successes and Future Challenges (Rick Allen, University of Idaho)
  • Monitoring Ecological Trends using Landsat Time Series Data: Recent Results and Perspectives (Jim Vogelmann, USGS)
  • Contributions to the FAO Forest Resource Assessment 2010 Remote Sensing Survey and Beyond (Alan Belward, JRC)
  • Multitemporal Landsat for Applied Forest Science (Randy Wynne, Virginia Tech)
  • Mapping Tropical Forest Habitats with Landsat Satellite Image Time Series; Tree Species and Associations, Foliage Height Profiles, Age, Disturbance Type, and Rates of Forest Regrowth (Eileen Helmer, USFS)
  • Large Area Land Cover and Dynamics: Landsat Opportunities and Directions (Mike Wulder, Canadian Forest Service)
  • The U.S. Forest Service Embraces Landsat: A Success Story (Warren Cohen, USFS)
  • A Sea Change on Land: New Insights into Terrestrial Processes Facilitated by the Open Landsat Archive (Robert Kennedy, Oregon State University)
  • Toward Continuous Monitoring of the Land Surface using All Available Landsat Imagery (Curtis Woodcock, Boston University)