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Landsat Science Team Meeting - February 3-5, 2015

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Goddard, Maryland
February 3-5, 2015


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Meeting objectives:

  1. Review and discuss Landsat 7-8 and sustaining land imaging status and issues
  2. Continue discussion on concepts and specific actions for making the Landsat archive and Landsat products more science-relevant
Landsat Science Team - February 2015

Tuesday, February 3

  • Introductions (Irons and Loveland)
  • NASA and USGS HQ reports (Doorn, Newman, Ryker)
    • Status of sustained land imaging formulation
    • Decadal Survey
  • Landsat Advisory Group report (Green)
  • Landsat Mission Status (Thayer)
  • Landsat 7 and 8 operations and archive status (Sauer)
  • Landsat 7-8 acquisition improvements (Fosnight)
  • Landsat 8 TIRS instrument status:
    • TIRS Stray light issues (Morfitt, Markham, Reuter)
    • TIRS Stray light Optics and Testing (Reuter)
    • TIRS SSM Encoder Anomaly (Lacasse)
    • USGS plans for resuming TIRS acquisitions and L1T processing (Morfitt)
  • Team discussion of impacts of TIRS technical issues


Wednesday, February 4

  • Review and discussion of planned Landsat product updates (Sauer and others)
    • QA bands, including cloud product improvement
    • Solar illumination/sensor view angle data
    • Top-of-atmosphere reflectance
    • Surface reflectance and temperature
    • Metadata improvements
    • Ground control library improvements
    • Product format changes
    • Others (TBD)
  • Landsat Level-2 Product Status (Dwyer)
  • NASA and USGS plans for Sentinel-2 activities:
    • Sentinel-2 Data (Markham)
    • USGS Sentinel-2 Status (Dwyer)
  • Landsat 7 end-of-life discussion (Thayer and Covington)
  • Update on calibration topics (Helder)
  • Priorities for Landsat MSS improvements (Cohen and Braaten)

Thursday, February 5

  • NASA program reports
    • Land Cover/Land Use Change (LCLUC) Program (Gutman or designate)
    • Terrestrial Ecosystems Carbon Cycle Land use/ Land Cover Change & Biodiversity (TECLUB) (Masek)
  • Future imaging technology discussion (Dabney and Masek)
  • USGS EROS Architecture Study Team scope and activities (Nelson)
  • Open floor for Landsat Science Team topics
  • Discussion on the status of the Landsat 8 Remote Sensing of Environment special issue (Loveland and Irons)
  • Plans for next meeting and meeting wrap-up