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Landsat Science Team Meeting - January 19-21, 2010

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Computer History Museum
Mountain View, California
January 19-21, 2010


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  • Welcome and Introductions - Tom Loveland (USGS), Rama Nemani and Jennifer Dungan (NASA)
  • Meeting Goals and Expectations - Tom Loveland (USGS), Jim Irons (NASA), and Curtis Woodcock (Boston University) 
  • Summary of the Products and Processing Meeting (September 2009) , Mike Wulder (Canadian Forest Service) and Curtis Woodcock (Boston University)

Landsat Updates and other related reports

  • Landsat 5 and 7 Status - Tom Kalvelage (USGS)
  • USGS Perspectives on LDCM and Landsat - Bryant Cramer (USGS)
  • Proposed Landsat Processing Changes (MSS, Thermal Data, High Resolution Browse) - Gene Fosnight (USGS) 
  • Landsat Global Archive Consolidation Status - Tom Kalvelage (USGS)
  • Outreach and Education Activities - Anita Davis (NASA), Ron Beck (USGS)
  • Landsat MSS Calibration Status - Dennis Helder (South Dakota State University)
  • Global Land Survey Update - Jeff Masek and Garik Gutman (NASA)
  • USGS Plans for Higher Level Science Products - Bruce Quirk (USGS)

LDCM Status

  • NASA HQ Perspectives on LDCM and Landsat - David Jarrett (NASA)
  • LDCM Progress and Status - Bill Ochs and Jim Irons (NASA)
  • LDCM Ground System Progress and Status - David Hair (USGS)
  • LDCM Orbital Insertion and Landsat 7 Under-flight - Jim Irons (NASA)

USGS-ESA Collaboration

  • Sentinel Data Policy and Provisional Planning of GMES Space Component Operations Concept - Bianca Hörsch (European Space Agency)

Science Team Member Presentations

  • Landsat DIRSIG Concepts - John Schott (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Interpretation of Image Time Series in Persistently Cloudy Tropical Regions - Eileen Helmer (US Forest Service)
  • A Decadal Reassessment of Landsat-7 LTAP Cloud Avoidance -Lazaros Oreopoulos (NASA)
  • Google Earth Global Deforestation Tool - Rebecca Moore (Google, Inc.)
  • CLAS/CLASlite Mapping and Capacity Building for UNFCCC REDD - Greg Asner (Carnegie Institution)
  • WELD Status - David Roy (South Dakota State University)
  • Surface Reflectance Evaluations - Eric Vermote (University of Maryland)
  • Cloud and Shadow Masking - Curtis Woodcock (Boston University)
  • Mass Processing Landsat for Monitoring Forest Cover Changes in the Humid Tropics - Matt Hansen (South Dakota State University)
  • Landtrendr - Robert Kennedy (Oregon State University)
  • Multi-Resolution Data Blending to Enable Wide Area Synthetic-Landsat Coverage, Predictable Product Development, and Change Detection. - Mike Wulder (Canadian Forest Service)
  • The Global Forest Cover Change (GFCC) Project- Chengquan Huang (University of Maryland)
  • Deriving Biophysical Products from Landsat - Rama Nemani (NASA)
  • Open Discussion on Priorities for Higher Level Landsat Products - Tom Loveland (USGS), Curtis Woodcock (Boston University)