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Landsat Science Team Meeting - January 6-8, 2009

Landsat Science Teams consist of USGS and NASA scientists and engineers, external scientists, engineers, and application specialists, representing industry and university research initiatives. The Science Teams are tasked with providing scientific and technical evaluations to the USGS and NASA to help ensure the continued success of the Landsat program. 

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U.S. Forest Service, NRRC Building E

Fort Collins, Colorado

January 6-8, 2009


Presentations from this meeting can be searched on the Landsat Science Team Meeting Presentations webpage. 


Tuesday, January 6

Welcome and Introductions (Eileen Helmer, USFS; Bryant Cramer, USGS; Curtis Woodcock, Boston University; Tom Loveland, USGS; Jim Irons, NASA)

Landsat Updates (Kristi Kline, USGS)

  • Landsat 5 and 7 Status and Health
  • Web-Enabling Experiences
  • Global Landsat Archive Consolidation Update

Other Landsat Related Reports

  • Landsat Survey Update (Natalie Sexton, USGS)
  • Global Land Survey (John Dwyer, USGS)
  • Landsat Data Gap Activities and Issues (Tom Holm, USGS)

LDCM Status

  • NASA (Bill Ochs, NASA)
  • USGS (Dave Hair, USGS)

Review of Fort Collins Remote Sensing Activities

  • Creation of a Landsat time series of cloud-free mosaics and modeling of forest characteristic of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (Tom Ruzycki, CSU)
  • Interaction between the spatial patterns of tropical forest disturbance and biomass (Eileen Helmer, USFS)
  • National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring (John Gross, NPS)
  • USGS Remote Sensing and Invasive Species (Jeff Morisette, USGS)

Wednesday, January 7

Future Products Technical Session

  • Level 1 Reflectance Product (Brian Markham, NASA)
  • Landsat Calibration (Dennis Helder, SDSU)
  • LDCM Cloud Cover Assessment (Pat Scaramuzza, SGT)
  • Web-Enabled Landsat Data (David Roy, SDSU)
  • Open Archive Experiences (Warren Cohen, USFS)

Landsat Requirements of the Western States Water Council (Tony Willardson, WSWC)

Open Discussion on Future of Landsat (Curtis Woodcock, Boston University)

Open Forum on Other Topics

Thursday, January 8

OLI Status and Ball Aerospace Tour, Boulder, Co (Ed Knight, Ball)