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Landsat Science Team Meeting - June 15-17, 2010

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Owyhee Plaza Hotel
Boise, Idaho
June 15-17, 2010


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  • Welcome, Introductions, and Logistics (Tony Morse and Rick Allen, University of Idaho)
  • Meeting Objectives (Tom Loveland, USGS; Jim Irons, NASA; Curtis Woodcock, BU)
  • USGS Headquarters Perspectives (Bryant Cramer, USGS)
  • NASA Headquarters Perspectives (Brad Doorn, NASA)


Landsat Updates and Related Reports

  • Landsat Project Status (Kristi Kline, USGS)
  • Landsat Global Archive Consolidation (Rachel Headley, USGS)
  • Users, Uses, and Value of Landsat Imagery in the United States (Holly Miller, Natalie Sexton, and Lynne Koontz, USGS)
  • Global Land Survey Update (Jeff Masek, NASA)
  • Landsat Science in the Cloud: Using Google Earth Engine (Noel Gorelick, Google)


LDCM Status

  • Status of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (Bill Ochs, NASA)
  • TIRS Progress Summary (Dennis Reuter, NASA)
  • Landsat Data Continuity Mission USGS Project Status Report (Dave Hair, USGS)
  • A Synthetic Sensor / Image Simulation Tool to Support the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (John Schott, RIT)


Idaho and Intermountain West Remote Sensing Activities

  • Leveraging Multitemporal Landsat for Soil and Vegetation in Semiarid Environments: Fine Tuning with LIDAR (Nancy Glenn and Teki Sankey, Idaho State University)
  • The GIS Center at ISU: Research and Initiatives for the Intermountain West (Keith Weber, Idaho State University)
  • Landsat Time Series-based Vegetation Change: Context for Understanding Ecological Legacies (Lee Vierling, University of Idaho)
  • Hillslope Scale Soil Moisture Estimation through Data Assimilation: An Emerging Need for Continued High Resolution Vegetation Observations? (Alejandro Flores, Boise State University)
  • Operational Use of Landsat in the Intermountain West: Current Examples of Resource Agency Applications (Brian Schwind, USFS)


Science Team Member and Associates Presentations

  • Recent Landsat Calibration Updates (Dennis Helder, SDSU)
  • Surface Reflectance Product Workplan (Jeff Masek, NASA)
  • A Surface Reflectance Standard Product from LDCM and Supporting Activities (Eric Vermote, UMD)
  • Enhancing Landsat Data Products using Data Fusion Approach (Feng Gao, ERT Inc.)
  • Implementation on Landsat Data of a Simple Cloud Mask Algorithm Developed for MODIS Land Bands (Lazaros Oreopoulos, NASA)
  • ET Investigations surrounding Landsat (Rick Allen, University of Idaho)
  • High Spatiotemporal ET Mapping using Multi-Sensor Data Fusion (Martha Anderson, USDA-ARS)
  • Demonstrating Landsat's New Potential to Monitor Coastal and Inland Waters (Aaron Gerace and John Schott, RIT)
  • MODIS Compositing and Forest Change Detection (Bonnie Ruefenacht, USFS)
  • Landsat Happening in the U.S. Forest Service: Just How Important is Landsat to the USFS? (Warren Cohen, USFS)
  • Monitoring, Modeling, and Managing Forests through Time using Landsat (Christine Blinn and Randy Wynne, Virginia Tech)
  • Biome Boundary Shifts during the Landsat Era: A Case Study from Northern Quebec (D.C. Morton and Jeff Masek, NASA)
  • Impact of the GLS and the USGS Open Archive Policies on the Global Survey of Deforestation in the Humid Tropics (Alan Belward, European Commission Joint Research Center)
  • Beyond LDCM: Land Observation Repeat Frequency to Achieve OLOS Goals (Sam Goward, UMD)
  • LOGICAL Concept: Land Observations Globally In a Cost-effective Augmentation of Landsat (Darrel Williams, Global Science & Technology, Inc.)
  • Image Mosaics and Composites: A User's Perspective (Jim Vogelmann, USGS)
  • Change Monitoring in Near Real-time using Landsat and MODIS (Curtis Woodcock, BU)
  • Recent Research - Product Development (Mike Wulder, Canadian Forest Service)