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Landsat Science Team Meeting - October 29 – 31, 2013

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
October 29 – 31, 2013


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Meeting Objectives:

  1. Review the status of Landsat Science Team Landsat 8 investigations
  2. Establish plans for improving Landsat science products
  3. Discuss the status and requirements for a sustainable land imaging program.
Landsat Science Team - October 2013

Tuesday, October 29

  • Welcome, introductions, review of meeting goals and objectives (Tom Loveland, USGS; Jim Irons, NASA)
  • Landsat 8 Radiometry Report (Brian Markam, NASA/GSFC)
  • Landsat 8 Geometry Performance Report (Jim Storey, USGS/SGT, Mike Choate, USGS/SGT)
  • Landsat 8 View Angle Generation (Jim Storey, USGS/SGT, Mike Choate, USGS/SGT)
  • Landsat 8 Long-Term Acquisition Plan status (Eugene Fosnight, USGS)
  • Landsat Operations and Archive Status (James LaCasse, USGS)


Landsat Science Team Member Presentations

  • Dr. Kurt Thome, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center -  Absolute radiometric and climate variable intercalibration of Earth observing sensors
  • Dr. Eric Vermote, NASA Goddard - Development of Landsat surface reflectance Climate Data Records
  • Dr. David Roy, South Dakota State University - Continuity of the Web Enabled Landsat Data (WELD) Product Record in the Landsat 8 Era
  • Dr. Yongwei Sheng, University of California, Los Angeles - Developing Decadal High Resolution Global Lake Products from LDCM and Landsat
  • Dr. Crystal Schaaf, University of Massachusetts, Boston - North American Land Surface Albedo and Nearshore Shallow Bottom Properties from Landsat and MODIS/VIIR
  • Dr. John Schott, Rochester Institute of Technology - The Use of LDCM for the Monitoring of Fresh and Coastal Water
  • Dr. Ted Scambos, University of Colorado - Cryospheric Applications of the Landsat 8
  • Dr. Ayse Kilic, University of Nebraska (with Dr. Richard Allen, University of Idaho and Dr. Justin Huntington, Desert Research Institute) - Evapotranspiration in Water Resources Management
  • Dr. Feng Gao, USDA Agricultural Research Service - Mapping vegetation phenology, water use and drought at high spatiotemporal resolution fusing multi-band and multi-platform satellite imagery
  • Dr. Jim Vogelmann, U.S. Geological Survey - Ecological Disturbance Monitoring using Landsat Time Series Data 


Wednesday, October 30

Landsat Science Team Member Presentations

  • Dr. Alan Belward, European Commission Joint Research Centre - Understanding the global land-use marketplace
  • Dr. Leo Lymburner, Geoscience Australia - Multi-temporal Analysis of biophysical parameters derived from the Landsat Series of satellites
  • Dr. Patrick Griffiths, Humboldt University of Berlin (on behalf of Patrick Hostert) - Synergies between future Landsat and European satellite missions for better understanding coupled human-environment systems
  • Dr. Mike Wulder, Canadian Forest Service - Integrating the past, present, and future of Landsat
  • Dr. Robert Kennedy, Boston University - Using time-series approaches to improve Landsat’s characterization of land surface dynamics
  • Dr. Randolph Wynne, Virginia Tech - Making Multitemporal Work
  • Dr. Curtis Woodcock, Boston University - Experience to date with L8
  • Dr. Warren Cohen, USDA Forest Service - Ecological Applications of Landsat Data in the Context of US Forest Service Science and Operational Needs
  • Dr. Jim Hipple, USDA Risk Management Agency - Integrating Field-Level Biophysical Metrics Derived from Landsat Science Products into a National Agricultural Data Warehouse
  • Mr. David Johnson, USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service - Operational monitoring of US croplands with Landsat 8


Thursday, October 31

  • Matt Larsen, USGS - Future of Landsat reports: Sustainable Land Imaging and Science
  • Brad Doorn, NASA - Sustainable Land Imaging and Science
  • Tim Newman, USGS - National Land Imaging Requirements & Sustainable Land Imaging Update
  • Darrel Williams, National Geospatial Advisory Committee - Landsat Advisory Committee update
  • John Dwyer, USGS - USGS Landsat science products status