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April 25, 2022

Explore the USGS Landsat archive with the Landsat Archive Dashboard. Now available, the interactive map displays Landsat data products over their orbit path. This tool enables users to search and discover the Landsat archive in a new, innovative manner.  

The interactive map breaks the archive down into 3 groups: Landsat 4-9 Daytime, Landsat 4-9 Nighttime, and Landsat 1-3. In addition, there is a section for visualizing the entire archive through graphs and charts. 

Image of the Landsat Archive Dashboard
The image shows the Landsat Archive Dashboard, available for use at:

The dashboard interface offers a variety of functionalities, allowing users to: 

  • Use filters to change the data displayed  by spacecraft, onboard sensor, year acquired, collection category, and/or processing level 

  • Access product counts for individual path/row locations by hovering over or clicking on the map 

  • Select area of interest using the lasso tool on the map 

  • Use the map search bar in the top left corner to look up a country, state or province, county, city, or postcode to determine path/rows and products over your area of interest 

  • Download images of maps and graphics 

Please contact USGS Customer Services with any questions.  


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