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November 29, 2018- Landsat Level-2 Provisional Surface Temperature Science Product Now Available!

The Landsat Level-2 Provisional Surface Temperature Science Product is now available for download as part of the U.S Landsat Analysis Ready Data tile package.

This new Level-2 Science Product represents the temperature of the Earth’s surface in Kelvin (K) and can be an important geophysical parameter for understanding Earth surface energy and water balances, and for monitoring and assessing effects of landscape change.

Landsat Surface Temperature is being processed from newest to oldest acquisitions and is available from EarthExplorer under the Landsat category, Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) subcategory, and is listed as U.S. Landsat 4-8 ARD (see screenshot below).

Landsat Surface Temperature available in EarthExplorer

For additional information please visit the Landsat Surface Temperature and U.S. Landsat ARD web pages.