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Sept 17, 2019 – Landsat Calibration and Validation Meeting in South Dakota

The EROS Cal/Val Center of Excellence (ECCOE) is a global leader in improving the accuracy and precision of remote sensing systems. 

White Sands Radiometric Calibration Site
Landsat 8 image of the White Sands Radiometric Calibration Site, the first designated calibration site for remote sensing of space borne optical sensors. 

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The USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center in Sioux Falls, SD, is hosting a Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) for ECCOE on September 18–19. Calibration engineers will have the opportunity to discuss Landsat 8 on-orbit performance calibration, Landsat 9 calibration development, and Landsat–Sentinel-2 MSI registration. Other topics include:

  • Geometric, radiometric, spatial, and spectral calibration
  • Vicarious calibration
  • Anomaly resolution
  • Analysis ready data (ARD) product validation

Discussions from the Cal/Val TIM will produce actionable items for enhancements to Landsat calibration and higher-level product validation.

For more information about ECCOE and the Calibration team, visit