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COAWST Training

Detailed Description

On January 17-18, 2024, John Warner provided a two-day training for the COAWST (Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere-Waves-Sediment Transport) modeling system. During this training, USGS scientists learned how to apply the modeling system to study impacts from coastal storms. 

Attendees included Margaret Palmsten, Michael Itzkin, Rangley Mickey, Li Erikson, Mark Buckley, Legna Torres-Garcia, John Warner, Donya Frank-Gilchrist, Robert Jenkins, Rose Palermo, Erdinc Sogut, Benjamin Tsai, Emma Manzella, John Wodruff, Jessica Gorski, Dave Thompson, and Chris Smith.

A test case based on Hurricane Ian (2022) was created to simulate a coupled ocean-wave application for the Gulf of Mexico and a nested grid of Tampa Bay. Output from those simulations were used to drive a more refined nearshore simulation using the InWave infragravity wave model. Attendees were provided a code, tools, examples, and hands-on training to use the modeling system for this test case, as well as their own research applications. A big thanks to the USGS Advanced Research Computing group that provided access to the Denali supercomputer used by participants. 

Learn more on the COAWST web page and explore the forecast model in an interactive geonarrative.  


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