CoSMoS projection locations

Artistic map of the west coast showing the names of stretches of coastline for which flooding maps have been made by a computer.

Detailed Description

Locations of currently available CoSMoS projections.


Image Dimensions: 545 x 667

Location Taken: US


Learn more about CoSMoS
The Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) is a dynamic modeling approach that has been developed by the United States Geological Survey in order to allow more detailed predictions of coastal flooding due to both future sea level rise and storms integrated with long-term coastal evolution (i.e., beach changes and cliff/bluff retreat) over large geographic areas (100s of kilometers). CoSMoS models all the relevant physics of a coastal storm (e.g., tides, waves, and storm surge), which are then scaled down to local flood projections for use in community-level coastal planning and decision-making. Rather than relying on historic storm records, CoSMoS uses wind and pressure from global climate models to project coastal storms under changing climatic conditions during the 21st century.