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Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) Hyperion Hyperspectral

Detailed Description

Figure 2: This data cube of hyperspectral Hyperion data is acquired in 242 spectral bands each with 10 nanometer band-width in the 400 to 2500 nanometers spectral range. The data are acquired over the Congo rainforests of Central Africa, in Cameroun. Hyperspectral data of the rainforests helps us better understand, model, map, and monitor rainforest vegetation. This includes species types, vegetation categories, quantitative biophysical and biochemical characteristics, and carbon assessments. (Thenkabail et al. 2004 a, b)


Thenkabail, P.S., Enclona, E.A., Ashton, M.S., Legg, C., Jean De Dieu, M., 2004a. Hyperion, IKONOS, ALI, and ETM+ sensors in the study of African rainforests. Remote Sensing of  Environment, 90:23-43.

Thenkabail, P.S., Enclona, E.A., Ashton, M.S., and Van Der Meer, V. 2004b. Accuracy Assessments of Hyperspectral Waveband Performance for Vegetation Analysis Applications. Remote Sensing of  Environment, 91:2-3: 354-376.


Courtesy: Prasad Thenkabail