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Maps showing predicted occurrence for four species in 2016

January 2022 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Maps showing predicted occurrence for the four species of interest in 2016. BRT = Brook Trout, NHS = Northern Hog Sucker, SMB = Smallmouth Bass, TRS = Torrent Sucker. NA infers reach was outside modeling extent for that species.

  • Brook Trout (BRT) predicted to smaller system in the NAP and SAPNW
  • Northern Hog Sucker (NHS) predicted for most stream sizes in CBW except CPL
  • Smallmouth Bass (SMB) - predicted for all stream in CBW except CPL
  • Torrent Sucker (TRS) – predicted for smaller habitats in HUC8 in the southwest portion


Public Domain.

From journal article, Using fish community and population indicators to assess the biological condition of streams and rivers of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, USA.