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Research vessel tracklines offshore of southeast Alaska

Detailed Description

Tracklines along which R/V Ocean Starr (2017, red lines) and R/V Norseman (2016, black lines) conducted seismic-reflection surveys, overlaid on high-resolution bathymetry (color background). Yellow stars represent earthquakes of magnitude (M) 7 and greater since 1900. Short yellow lines are locations of seismic-reflection profiles (shown below) along Ocean Starr trackline 038 (near center of map) and trackline 018 (near bottom of map). Tracklines from the R/V Medeia, R/V Solstice, and R/V Gyre surveys from 2015–2016 are not included. MCS, multichannel seismic; km, kilometers.

See the Southeast Alaska study area map for location.

View the enlarged map of the Yakobi Sea Valley, which is outlined in the dashed box.


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