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Resurrection Bay, Alaska

Detailed Description

Sonar-generated image showing underwater topography and the potential for landslides near the head of Resurrection Bay, Alaska. The terrain looks three times as steep as it occurs naturally. The arrow points to underwater landslide debris from the collapse of a fan-delta following the great Alaskan earthquake of 1964. The town of Seward, which suffered much damage and lost lives due to the quake, had been built on this fan-delta. From H.J. Lee (USGS), "Undersea landslides: extent and significance in the Pacific Ocean, an update," in Natural Hazards Earth Systems Science, 2005; and H.J. Lee (USGS), et al., "Characteristics of Several Tsunamigenic Submarine Landslides," in Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences: 1st International Symposium, 2003.


Public Domain.