Zinc-sulfide chimney

Very crusty rock with tan outer layer, gray core, and bright yellow center. Man's booted foot is in background.

Detailed Description

Cross section of a hydrothermal vent chimney from East Diamante Caldera in the Mariana volcanic arc, west Pacific Ocean, collected during a 2010 research cruise. Most of the sample is zinc sulfide. Silica lines the conduit through which the water flowed; a trace of iron imparts the yellow color.


Image Dimensions: 2021 x 1755

Date Taken:

Location Taken: US


Layered Hydrothermal Barite-Sulfide Mound Field, East Diamante Caldera, Mariana Volcanic Arc
Article by Hein, J.R., et al., 2014, Economic Geology v. 109, no. 4, pp. 2179-2206