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Climate Science Champions Season 3: Brian Miller, Research Ecologist

Video Transcript
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Research Ecologist Brian Miller uses a process called “climate change scenario planning” to help managers think about the many ways climate change could impact the resources under their care, allowing them to create robust strategies ready for anything the future may bring.

Climate change affects each place, ecosystem, and species a little differently. This creates challenges for resource stewards tasked with managing systems that they know are changing, but don’t necessarily understand how. Brian Miller, Research Ecologist with the North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, uses climate model outputs to help resource managers understand the possible range of “climate futures”. He leads managers through scenario planning exercises considering different possible future climate conditions in their area, asking questions like “What would you do if your national park became hotter and drier, versus warmer and wetter?” Through these discussions, managers can prepare an assortment of options to respond.

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Music: “4 Malcom” by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist and “Sun Therapy” by Sum Wave, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

Additional footage used with permission from Envato Elements.