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Climate Science Champions Season 3: Holly Embke, Research Fish Biologist

Video Transcript
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Research Fish Biologist Holly Embke investigates how climate change is impacting inland fish populations used by recreational anglers and for Tribal subsistence activities.  

Much of what we know about fish as food, we’ve learned through studying large-scale commercial fishing operations. But most people interact with fish in much smaller settings, for example by fishing in their local streams and lakes. Research Fish Biologist Holly Embke with the Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center studies how climate change is impacting inland fish populations and how managers can develop climate-informed strategies to maintain healthy fisheries. She works with both subsistence and recreational communities to help develop management strategies that will support resilient fisheries in a changing climate. 

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Music: “Bungalow Bed” by Moon Craters and “Blue Dot” by Hosini & Jones, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

Additional footage used with permission from Envato Elements.