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Climate Science Champions Season 3: Lindsey Thurman, Partnerships Ecologist

Video Transcript
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Partnerships Ecologist Lindsey Thurman explores how climate change impacts amphibians in the Northwest, looking to understand the traits that allow species to survive and thrive in a changing world.  

With their small size, sensitive skin, and cold-blooded disposition, amphibians are often among the first species to respond to ecosystem disturbances. While climate change and human activities can spell disaster for some frogs and salamanders, others are able to rebound and thrive. Lindsey Thurman, Partnerships Ecologist with the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, investigates the characteristics that help amphibians respond to climate change. She explores many dimensions of climate resilience, including understanding which species can “persist in place” versus those than need to “shift in space” under new climate conditions. 

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Public Domain.

Music: “Sunset Eyes” by Jules Gaia and “Colorimetry” by Shiruky, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

Additional footage used with permission from Envato Elements.