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Lindsey Thurman, Ph.D.

​​Lindsey Thurman is a Partnerships Ecologist for the USGS Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, one of the nine regional centers that form the National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Center network.

​​Lindsey Thurman is a Partnerships Ecologist for the Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC). She is a freshwater community ecologist with expertise in amphibian ecology and conservation. Her research currently focuses on identifying climate change refugia for stream-associated amphibian species in timber-managed landscapes. Lindsey is also leading a community of practice among agency, university and non-profit partners centered around species’ adaptive capacity (AC) in a changing climate and improving the incorporation of AC information in natural-resource management and conservation planning through training, guidance and tool development. Her role with the NW CASC is to engage with stakeholders in the region and identify needs related to climate adaptation, including strategies to enhance adaptive capacity and reduce the vulnerability of at-risk species from climate change. Prior to this position, Lindsey was an Ecologist with the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center.