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Climate Science Champions Season 3: Renee Takesue, Research Geochemist

Video Transcript
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Research Geochemist Renee Takesue combines geology and chemistry to shed light on how chemical components from natural and human-made sources make their way into coastal environments. 

The chemistry of rocks, soil, and water contain clues about the environments in which they were formed, and about natural and human processes that affect them. Geochemistry can also provide information about environmental contaminants: chemicals added to the environment by humans which can harm ecosystems.  

At the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center, Research Geochemist Renee Takesue is part of a team investigating how pollutants from the highly urbanized Puget Sound area make their way into its waters, affecting everything from eelgrass and mussels to salmon and orcas. 

Learn more about Renee’s work.




Public Domain.

Music: “Echelon” by Brandon Moeller”; “Derive” by Jobii; and “balance, kid” by Justnormal, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

Vimeo footage credits: “Mud Crab” by Fish Guy Photos; “Eelgrass 35” by SEA-Media; “Eelgrass” by blprnt; “Skagit Marine Reserves: Anchor for an Ecosystem” by Friends of Skagit Beaches; “In the Mussel Bed” by Laura G. Shields.

“Seattle sunset” timelapse by Andrew Hopkins (CC BY 2.0).

Additional footage used with permission from Envato Elements.