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Juniper Tank, Pasture Rehab

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Detailed Description

This project is located in the Juniper Tank Pasture on the Ash Creek Livestock Association.   

The objective of this project is to decrease top soil erosion coupled with decreasing excess sedimentation into the San Carlos River, the primary waterbody into which the project watershed drains.  Historically gullies have formed along the hillsides causing deep soil loss.  The implementation of check dams within the gullies will provide improved soil stability by eliminating further down cutting caused by concentrated water flow. The check dams will slow the surface water flow and capture sediment which will also provide for soil surface stabilization for native plants through root growth and water capture.   

Soil stability will alleviate sedimentation within the projects sub-watershed, therefore reducing sedimentation of water within the watershed and sub-basin as well. Through the installation of check dam’s sediment will be captured on site and allow water to infiltrate into the soil profile.  Newly planted grass will utilize the additional water to develop root systems to further control the loss of soil from runoff and further minimize sedimentation within the sub-watershed. 

The check dams, new grasses, and the infiltrated water will aid in the recontouring of the hillslope, reduce erosion, and provide increased native vegetation health for livestock and wildlife.




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