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Tracking Coastal Change with Photogrammetry

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Monitoring coastal changes is important for the millions of people that live along coasts in the United States, particularly as climate change hastens coastal erosion by raising sea levels and fueling powerful storms.

The USGS uses remote-sensing technologies—such as aerial photography, satellite imagery, structure-from-motion photogrammetry, and lidar (laser-based surveying)—to measure coastal change along U.S. shorelines.

Powerful storms in January 2023 caused extensive damage to California’s coasts. USGS photogrammetry data, processed into accurate orthomosaics of the coastal landscape, show the erosional effects of these storms.




Video is Public Domain.

  • Music: "Promise Don't Forget" by Jones Meadow, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.
  • Additional footage used with permission from Envato Elements.