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Episode 2 - Citizen Science

This episode of Outstanding in the Field is our first to highlight USGS science along the Colorado River as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Powell Expedition, an exploration of the Green and Colorado Rivers that ended in the Grand Canyon.  In this episode we’re talking about citizen science and getting the public involved in the scientific process of monitoring aquatic insects in the Colorado River near the Glen Canyon Dam. Citizen science efforts aren’t new; but, in this case, the results changed how part of a world-famous river flowed for a summer in 2018. 

Episode 2 - Citizen Science

Ecosystems Podcast Series Episode 2 artwork
Ecosystems Podcast Series Episode 2 artwork by Jeffrey Kemp.  Image of Anya Metcalfe with two Grand Canyon Youth participants in Grand Canyon looking over a light trap (as described in the podcast). Image courtesy of Freshwaters Illustrated and USGS.


Episode title: Citizen Science—Your Data in Action

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Interviewee: Anya Metcalfe, USGS Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center, Southwest Biological Science Center

Writer: Todd Wojtowicz, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center

Narrator: Marisa Lubeck, USGS Public Affairs Specialist

Producer: Suzanna Soileau, USGS Ecosystems Mission Area

Music: The Green Hillside by Martin Fitzpatrick (used with permission).

Original artwork: Jeffrey Kemp


Video Transcript
A 30-second promo for the Episode 2 of the Outstanding in the Field podcast by the USGS Ecosystems Mission Area.

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