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The USGS Ecosystems Mission Area brings you Outstanding in the Field, an original podcast series that tells stories about our science, our adventures, and our efforts to better understand fish and wildlife and the ecosystems that support them.  

Outstanding in the Field - Episode 7 artwork

Outstanding in the Field Podcast Series Episode 7 artwork by Jeffrey Kemp. USGS image of scientists in an airboat in Louisiana. Image taken in 2016. (Public domain.)

Episode 7 - Science in the Swamp

Episode title: Monitoring Louisiana Coastal Change 

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Summary: In this episode of Outstanding in the Field, we take you to the swamps and coastal wetlands of Louisiana, the land of bayous and beignets and a state with one of the most dynamic coastlines in the United States. The wetlands that make up the Louisiana coast are vast and help protect important cultural and natural resources. Here we learn about how USGS plays a key role in monitoring coastal wetlands through the Coastwide Reference Monitoring System or CRMS.

Interviewees: Sarai Piazza and Rachel Villani, USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center 

Writer(s): Kelly Guilbeau and Kaitlin Kovacs, USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center 

Narrator: Marisa Lubeck, USGS Public Affairs Specialist

Producer: Suzanna Soileau, Outreach Coordinator (Ecosystems Mission Area)


The Green Hillside by Martin Fitzpatrick (used with permission).

Accent: Hot Swing by Kevin MacLeod 



Original artwork: Jeffrey Kemp and image courtesy of Joel Sankey


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