2016 Southern Spring Floods

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Learn more about USGS flood activities related to the 2016 Southern Spring Floods. These floods were caused by significant amounts of tropical moisture that was funneled through a narrow zone across East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi, creating severe flood conditions.

March 2016 Louisiana Flood Event Viewer

The Flood Event Viewer provides access to USGS monitoring activities during the March 2016 Louisiana flood event.

March 2016 Louisiana Flood Event Viewer: USGS technicians and hydrologists, in partnership with FEMA, have collected hundreds of high-water marks and produce flood inundation maps. Click the image to enter the USGS Flood Event Viewer for this event.

March Rainfall: Large areas across the southern midwest experienced cumulative rainfall amounts of 10 to 20 inches or more.

Visit the National Weather Service AHPS website for more precipitation maps and river forecasts.

Check out this new publication: Identifying and Preserving High-Water Mark Data to learn more about how USGS personnel collect high-water data!

Regional Flooding: Flash floods and longer-duration flooding quickly spread through large portions of East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Southern Arkansas.

Visit USGS WaterWatch for current flood conditions and other tools to explore flood and drought.

FEMA disaster declaration: Incident period: March 8, 2016. Major Disaster Declaration declared on March 13, 2016.


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